Akan (Twi)

Twi is shared from Princeton University to Columbia University by Prof. Hannah Essien.

For more information please contact hessien@princeton.edu.

Course Listings

Beginning Twi 

This course is an introduction to Twi language and culture of the Akan-Twi-speaking people of West Africa. Instruction is in the target language with an expected proficiency goal of Novice Mid at the end of the semester. Students will be introduced to basic grammar, communicative skills and cultural activities that will be reinforced through role plays, conversations, dialogues and songs. By the end of the course, students would have acquired basic grammar and vocabulary competence to perform in everyday situations with an understanding and appreciation of the culture of the Akan people in Ghana, West Africa.

Required textbook:

Dolphyne, Florence Abena, A Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asante) for Non-Twi Learners, 1996

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