Classroom Information Fall 2019

Originating at Columbia
Course Time Sending Room Receiving Room
BCS Elementary MWF 10:10-11:25 DL2

Yale B07

Cornell D

BCS Intermediate MWF 11:40-12:55 405 Kent
BCS Advanced MW 1:10-2:25 405 Kent
Class. Tibetan Elementary MW 4:10-6:00 DL1 Yale B13
Class. Tibetan Intermediate MW 4:30-6:20pm DL4 Cornell C
Czech Elementary TThF 10:10-11:25

TTh – DL2

F – DL1

Cornell D
Czech Intermediate

T 11:40-12:55

Th 1:10-2:25

F 11:40-12:55

T – DL2

Th – DL1

F – DL1

Cornell D
Dutch Intermediate MW 4:10-6:00pm DL2 Cornell D
Dutch Advanced MW 1:15-2:30pm DL1

Cornell C

Yale B11

Finnish Elementary TTh 4:10-6:00 DL2 Yale 420
Finnish Intermediate TTh 2:10-4:00 Deutsches Haus
Hungarian Elementary TTh 9:40am – 11:20am DL1

Yale B13

Cornell C

Modern Tibetan 1st Year



DL1 Yale B13
Modern Tibetan 2nd Year MW 2:40-3:55 DL1 Cornell C
Modern Tibetan 3rd Year



DL3 Yale B07
Punjabi Elementary MW 6:10-8:00 DL2

Yale 420

Punjabi Intermediate TTh 6:10-8:00 DL2 Yale 420
Romanian Elementary MW 2:10-4:00pm 1225 IAB
Romanian Intermediate MW 6:10-8:00pm DL1 Cornell A
Tamil Intermediate

M 4:30-6:00pm

T 4:30-6:00pm

Th 3:00-3:50pm

M – DL3

T – DL1

Th – DL1

M – Cornell B

T – Cornell B

Th – Cornell B

Ukrainian Elementary MWTh 11:40am – 12:55pm DL2

Yale B11

Cornell B

Ukrainian Intermediate

MW 10:10-11:25

Th 4:30-6:00pm


MW – Cornell C

Th – Cornell D

Ukrainian Advanced

M 3:30-4:20pm

W 1:35-3:20pm

DL4 Yale 420
Wolof Elementary MTWTh 12:10-1:00 DL3

Yale 420

Cornell C

Wolof Intermediate MW 2:10-4:00 DL3

Yale B07

Cornell B

Wolof Advanced TTh 2:10-4:00 Knox Hall


Originating at Cornell
Course Time Sending Room Receiving Room
Burmese Elementary MTWTh 1:25-2:15pm Cornell B DL2
Indonesian Advanced

M 4:40-5:30pm

T 2:40-4:20pm

M Cornell A

T Cornell A



Khmer Elementary

M 10:10-11:25am

W 10:10-11:00am

F 10:10-11:25am

Cornell A Yale B13
Khmer Intermediate TBA TBA
Sinhala Elementary MTWTh 1:10-2:00pm Classroom B DL3
Literary Sinhala TF 8:30-10:00am Classroom A DL3
Yoruba Elementary



Cornell B DL4
Yoruba Intermediate MTWTh 9:10-10:00 Cornell B DL4
Yoruba Advanced M 2:30-4:00pm Cornell D DL2


Originating at Princeton

Course Time Sending Room Receiving Room
Twi Elementary MTWTh 12:30-1:25pm Princeton VC Room

Columbia DL4

Yale B07


Originating at Yale
Course Time Sending Room Receiving Room
Zulu Elementary MTWThF 11:35-12:25 Luce DL4
Zulu Intermediate MTWThF 9:25-10:15 Luce
Zulu Advanced TBA TBA


This calendar contains important dates from all three sites such as the first day of class, fall breaks, Thanksgiving, and the last day of class.

Here are links to the official academic calendars of each of the three participating universities:

Columbia Academic Calendar

Cornell Academic Calendar

Yale Academic Calendar