The SCI in the Press


The SCI has been featured in various news publications over the years:


Faculty reflect on teaching Asian languages amid growing demands. (Yale Daily News – May 2024)

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Uncommon languages offered: Wolof, anyone? (Cornell Chronicle – December 2014)

Teaching and learning online, unconventionally (Yale Daily News – October 2014)

The Shared Course Initiative: A model for instructional collaboration across institutions (The FLTMAG, March 2014)


Endangered Speeches (Columbia Blue and White Literary Magazine – December 2013)

Yoruba spoken here: Ivies share access to rare language courses (Columbia Magazine – Spring 2013). Download pdf

Video, Web Conferencing Combine to Power the Shared Course Initiative (Yale Information Technology Services – January 2013). Download pdf


From Boardroom to Classroom (Inside Higher Ed – December 2012)

Three Ivies team up for long-distance teaching of rare languages (Yale News – December 2012). Download pdf

Connecting Classrooms (Columbia Spectator – November 2012). Download pdf

Language classes expand remotely (Yale Daily News – September 2012)