isiZulu is offered from Yale University by Professor Nandipa Sipengane

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Course Listings

Beginning isiZulu

A beginning course in conversational isiZulu, using Web-based materials filmed in South Africa. Emphasis on the sounds of the language, including clicks and tonal variation, and on the words and structures needed for initial social interaction. Brief dialogues concern everyday activities; aspects of contemporary Zulu culture are introduced through readings and documentaries in English.

Intermediate isiZulu

Development of basic fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing isiZulu, using Web-based materials filmed in South Africa. Students describe and narrate spoken and written paragraphs. Review of morphology; concentration on tense and aspect. Materials are drawn from contemporary popular culture, folklore, and mass media.

Advanced isiZulu

In-depth examination of cultural topics and advanced language usage.

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